Decorate Your Home with Wooden Picture Frames

Wooden picture frames are among the most versatile and traditional options in framing. They can be used for photographs and other types of projects, as long as you can customise them to suit your needs. Here are some ideas for decorating your home with any wooden picture frame:For more details you can check cheap picture frames website.

*Try barefaced picture frames. Barefaced frames are perfect if you want something that you can customise by yourself. You can apply the finish that you want to match your interior décor, or apply a high-quality wood stain to create a look that goes well with your furniture. Leaving them bare is another style idea that can provide a fresh look that will not compete with the pictures and your interior décor.

*Create a collage of photos with multi aperture frames. There are custom picture frame manufacturers that let you choose the number and the individual sizes of the openings on the frame. This way, you can use a single frame to display two or more photographs for a more organised look. This can be a good way to display photos that come from a similar batch, such as a recent trip or vacation, or a set of individual portraits of family members.

*Use individual frames to create a collage of photos. Order small or medium-sized individual picture frames online and arrange them on your wall in a visually appealing manner. For example, if you have pictures of yourself and your loved one, you can arrange the frames to form a heart on the wall.

*Choose a mat that goes with your well. White is often the safest colour for picture frame mats because it can go with almost any colour of paint or wallpaper, but do not be afraid to choose another colour that fulfils a colour scheme in your interior design.

*Use box display frames to display memorabilia. Wooden box frames are specially made for framing items that are thicker than typical photographs and artwork, such as medals, golf balls, a souvenir shirt, or a football jersey that with an autograph of your favourite player. You can customise the internal depths of box frames online and determine the internal space between the backing and glazing.

*Use different shapes and sizes to create a contrasting look. Find an online picture frame manufacturer that can create custom rectangular or square frames in varying sizes. Arrange them in any order that you want on your wall.