Popular Pokemon go Locations

How can you tell that Pokemon is still popular with teenagers and kids? Just look at the games that are still being produced for the game consoles. Obviously we did not catch them all, because more pokemon need to be caught. But why is Pokemon so popular? The first reason why Pokemon is so popular is because of its mascot Pikachu. He is a little yellow creature that has the ability to control lightning. The only words he says are “Pika Pika”. Many people find Pikachu adorable. He is like a teddy bear, and much fluffy merchandise has been made about Pikachu and other cute Pokemon.Get the facts at pokemon go locations website.

He always glows with happiness and is almost never angry, but his evolved form, Raichu, is the complete opposite. Raichu is a bad boy and much tougher than Pikachu. The cartoon is the second reason why Pokemon is so popular. The cartoon brought life into the world of Pokemon. Ash Ketchum is the main character of the cartoon. He is a young boy who wants to become the best trainer and his first Pokemon is Pikachu.

With two of his friends he travels different countries and continents to catch more Pokemon and to battle against other trainers. Always on their heels is the rival team, named team Rocket, who want to take them down and even steal there pokemon. The third reason that Pokemon is so popular is that the owning company started to make different products to win over new fans and keep existing ones happy. All the different products made Pokemon well known on a global scale. Some of these products are video games, playing cards, and toys.

You might think that Nintendo is milking the franchise, but there is a demand for different Pokemon products and they have to keep up with this demand. There has been quite a controversy about the video games that come out. Because most of them are basically the same. The only difference is the certain Pokemon you start with and unique ones you are able to get while journeying throughout the game.

Which game you should get should not be a problem as most people will not even take the time to try and get the unique Pokemon in the game. It is quite a surprise that Pokemon is still going strong even after looking at these three reasons. Nintendo has made a right decision in putting so much time and effort in making Pokemon popular. Pokemon, which comes from pocket monster, originated in Japan and took over the world by storm. When the cartoon came to the US, it hit really big. The cartoon gave kids a reason to buy all the games and toys that came out, making it one of the most popular franchises of the century.