Avocat Alcool au Volant Review

Everyday people are arrested for drinking and driving, a crime known as DUI or DWI. It is a crime that has been given more attention than ever before. The advent of Mothers Against Drunk Driving was a real turning point in DUI and DWI legislation. As the amount of people arrested for drinking and driving continues to climb we need to ask ourselves why. This article will focus on the factors that lead to a DUI or DWI arrest.Find out hereĀ avocat alcool au volant.

The use of alcohol has been around much longer than the automobile. It is not alcohol that is the problem it is the actions of those who choose to drink and drive that are the focus of this article. In many states you can be arrested for a blood alcohol level or BAC (blood alcohol content) of .05% This number and the number of drinks to reach this level of BAC vary greatly depending on the size of the person drinking and the strength of the drink.

The average person may not be aware when he or she has reached this legal limit. Reaching the legal limit of blood alcohol content is what a DUI or DWI arrest is all about. Police officers, Judges, and District Attorneys are often bombarded with the statement “I wasn’t drunk”. Believe it or not this could be true as alcohol has very different effects among individuals. The point is that a set BAC level must be set in order to maintain a standard of safety on the roads.

The statement “I wasn’t drunk” is not only a poor excuse for drinking and driving it is a sure sign the driver has not been educated on the base effect of alcohol on the human mind. People in general drink to relax. Alcohol is a social stimulant. The social stimulation of alcohol can be traced to the fact that it lowers ones inhibition to some degree. Our inhibitions are a direct product of the judgments we have that are based on our own individual realities. This reveals the crux of the problem.

The problem of DUI and DWI offenses are based on the fact that your judgment is altered when you drink alcohol. You are the worst person to judge when your judgment has been effected much the same as a delusional person can not figure out he is delusional. Therefore the best policy is to not drink and drive vs. trying to judge if you have drank too much. You are the judge of this information; my advice is to use it so you do not face a judge who may impose very severe consequences. If you have failed to abide by this information you may wish seek professional help before going to court.